By Bruce Felps

Dallas Water Utilities is on the case of the discolored creek water today but couldn’t give an estimated time of inspection or return call.

Susan Campbell, who first said something about the situation returned to the spot yesterday and said the water looks to be clearing but remains murky.

She also took a few water samples to check out microscopic life in the creek and whether or not she could detect any effect the discoloration might have had on the little squigglies that live in the creek.

“As I haven’t been sampling along this creek on a regular basis this fall and winter, it is not possible to conclude that the dearth of microorganisms is due to the ‘spill;’ it may be because of the weather and the season. That said, I am used to seeing much more variety and more specimens than what I saw today. Of course, because the water was still quite murky, it was difficult to aim for any particular creatures,” she wrote in an e-mail message.

Until more details are known, the photos — all courtesy Susan Campbell — show the life in the creek that we can’t see without a microscope.


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