Executing Dark Humor

Stuart Lee Williams, Lily McCollum, and Wm. Paul Williams — Photo by Pam Myers-Morgan

By Bruce Felps

Echo Theatre, dedicated to female playwrights, opens its 13th year of stage productions with a show designed to kill.

The theatrical company stages “The Executioner’s Sons” — every kid wants to be proud of dad and his work — Feb. 3-19 at the Bath House Cultural Center.

Set in 15th century London, the play tells of political intrigue and the trials of a working-man’s family struggling to make ends meet while the patriarch performs the king’s bidding by removing one end from people’s bodies.

Billed as a dark comedy, “The Executioner’s Sons” conjures images of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale with laughs.

Terri Ferguson directs Jessica Cavanagh, Kevin Moore, Jack O’Donnell, and Wm. Paul Williams with four young actors — Jaxon Beeson, Marlhy Murphy, Stuart Lee Williams, and Lily McCollum — the latter two from Lake Highlands.

Check the Echo Theatre website for ticket information. Feb. 3, the preview show, carries a pay-what-you-can-or-will price of admission. Reservations also can be made via the modern miracle of the e-mail.

You would be advised to laugh.


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