Diner out

By Bruce Felps

Another cruise by Unfair Park a few minutes ago turned up some fairly bad news.

Metro Diner, an institution in East Dallas along Gaston Avenue, turns off the grill for good toward the end of March.

According to the write-up, the place will give way to expansion by Baylor. The next-door florist also is a goner.

So much for community history that dates back to ’68, and for a restaurant in Dallas that’s, like, 742 in people years.


  1. After my divorce, I worked at Baylor Hosp. for 11 years –1973 to 1984 & ate at the Metro frequently. Their old fashioned cheeseburgers with the bun fried & greasy French Fries made for a good inexpensive lunch when one was tired of the Baylor Cafeteria and its strange looking sausages, unusually textured Mac & Cheese and over-cooked veggies. Back then Baylor food was on a par with Bus Station food.
    The atmosphere of the Metro reminded me of diners from my own 1940s childhood in Wichita Falls. I loved it and had grown up eating cheeseburgers & FF so grease was a familiar and somehow comforting ingredient.
    Baylor is buying a lot of properties all around that area. A friend of mine has pics & postcards, maps and such showing there were many small businesses all around that area that are now gone.
    A funny guy who owned the floral shop next door to the Metro was one of my favorite characters. The floral shop had at one time been a filling station. Jimmy was so funny. He used to come into the Admitting area to get room numbers so he could deliver flowers to the patients. His best joke was “My mother-in-law is coming to vist us. She is swinging over the Trinity and we are stocking up on bananas.”
    Yes I know, it isn’t as funny in writing.
    Jimmy loved the Metro too. He told me he ate there almost every day.
    He owned a big house on Swiss Ave and in fact was murdered there recently. After he retired, he would sit in front of the mansion, talking to his white doves which were in an elaborate cage in the front yard. I would honk & wave at him from time to time when I drove down Swiss.
    Sadly he often asked homeless people to come in and have a cup of coffee, and it is possible one of them did him in.
    I may have to go into the Metro and have a burger in memory of Jimmy.

  2. Celeste

    Such great memories. I cant believe it’ll be gone 😦

  3. Forrest

    So long dear friend. I’m sad to see more of Dallas history fade. :o(

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